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  1. In January, President Christopher Ice began his term as the third president of Ave Maria University in Florida, which is recommended for its strong Catholic identity in The Newman Guide. The Newman Society recently asked President Ice about his vision and goals for the University in the years ahead. Newman Society: Congratulations on your appointment […]

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  2. Two actions by federal agencies this week have great importance to Catholic educators seeking relief from hostility to Catholic beliefs and protection of their religious freedom. On Tuesday, the Justice Department filed a brief at the Indiana Supreme Court, defending the Constitutional right of an Indianapolis Catholic high school to uphold moral standards. The action […]

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  3. While avoidance of COVID-19 has forced many schools and colleges to shift to online classes this fall, a few faithful Catholic colleges are attempting in-person education — and they are making extraordinary efforts to preserve the spiritual life on campus. Impressively, the fast-growing Benedictine College in Atchison, Kansas, doubled the number of priests on campus […]

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  4. “Catholic University was founded to serve the Church and the nation as a comprehensive research university — to be a guiding light for higher education,” says Dr. Aaron Dominguez, provost at The Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C. At Catholic University, which is recommended for its strong Catholic identity in The Newman Guide, students […]

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  5. After a summer of disappointment — closed camps, museums, movie theaters, even many pools, beaches and restaurants due to COVID concerns — the decision of many public and private schools to go entirely online is a crushing blow to parents. Now I see that some localities are doing everything possible to interfere with Catholic schools […]

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  6. College brings momentous changes in life and exciting opportunities. Having studied at several colleges and universities—both secular and Catholic, in the United States and abroad—and now teaching as a professor, I want to share with you what I hope is both important and useful advice about how to stay Catholic in college. In terms of […]

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  7. Participate in Mass There are frequent opportunities for you to have a personal encounter with Jesus on campus. This occurs most immediately in the Eucharist. Regular Mass attendance helps strengthen your faith through the Scriptures, the Creed, other prayers, sacred music, the homily, receiving Communion and being part of a faith community. Go to Confession […]

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  8. Over the summer, The Cardinal Newman Society hosted webinars and provided key points about recent Supreme Court rulings. Catholic schools should take preventative steps to strengthen their Catholic identity in the face of possible litigation. Key Points on Supreme Court’s Our Lady of Guadalupe Ruling on Ministerial Exception Key Points on Supreme Court’s Bostock Ruling […]

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  9. One of the nation’s leading Catholic bioethicists, Dr. Joseph Meaney, navigates tough ethical questions as president of the National Catholic Bioethics Center—and he relies every day on the strong formation he received at a faithful Catholic college. The world is undergoing a massive scientific revolution, and the 21st century may be defined, in part, by […]

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  10. Catholic schools across the nation are striving to keep their doors open, but Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School in Indianapolis is not one of them… or is it? There’s no question whether Brebeuf will open; students are scheduled to start in-person classes on Aug. 13. What’s unresolved is whether the school can be counted among Catholic […]

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